Fieldguide: Massage Stick For Beginners

With an abundance of self-care and massage tools available these days it’s hard to keep up with what they’re called, how to use them, and whether you need them all or not!

In this blog I’m going to talk introduce you to the massage stick! Or rolling pin. Or rip stick. Or whatever else you fancy calling this thing….

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Jordan KeightleyComment
Fieldguide: Bands For Beginners

You may have seen them hanging up on the pull up bar or someone using them to do a stretch at your gym. You may have tried to use one before but not really known how to use them properly. So what can they really be used for and how can they benefit you?..

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Simone De VattimoComment
Fieldguide: Trigger Balls For Beginners

So many people we come across in the clinic still do not know that they can treat their muscle aches, stiffness and trigger points by using a trigger ball. In this Fieldguide we uncover what a trigger ball is and how you can use one to give the relief you are looking for...

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Ross FieldComment