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With an abundance of self-care and massage tools available these days it’s hard to keep up with what they’re called, how to use them, and whether you need them all or not!

The golden rule we like at Fieldwork is to buy the tool that gives you the most bang for your buck, and in this blog I’m going to introduce you to the massage stick! Or rolling pin. Or rip stick. Or whatever else you fancy calling this thing.

Sometimes there’s muscles that a foam roller just isn’t right for, or maybe you’re guilty of staring at the roller from the comfort of your couch and not wanting to leave that position.

I’ll be honest, I’ve been guilty of this in the past, and that’s where the massage stick has become my friend!

What is a massage stick?

Shaped similarly to the tool you would find in any baker’s kitchen, it gets nicknamed a rolling pin because it can be used in the same way, except the dough is your tight muscle.

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Sometimes using a foam roller can be a chore in itself, and holding yourself up and rolling around is a bit much after a long day, or a long run. Or maybe the foam roller is just too firm, or it’s too hard to control the pressure of the roller.

This is where a massage stick can save the day for you!

With handles located on either side, you can control pressure, and roll the stick along your muscles to get the same feeling of having a massage to “flush out” your legs.

Maybe one of the best features about the design is that it can be so easily used without having to even leave the couch.

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How do I use a massage stick?

It’s pretty easy to figure out the basic use of the massage stick, but the possibilities are only as limited as your imagination!

Let’s look at some of the basic ways you can use the massage stick to release some commonly tight muscles.

Tight calves

  1. Sitting down and holding onto each handle, press the stick into the top of your calf.

  2. Roll slowly down the calf, and back up.

  3. When you feel a tight or sore spot, you can leave the massage stick on that point for a longer time.

Tight quads

  1. Still seated, hold onto each handle and press into the top of your quad.

  2. Rolling from top to bottom, repeat the same steps as the calf.

  3. Repeat the process on the outer part of your quad, making sure you don’t move too far off to the side.

Bonus tip: you can find some nice little trigger spots just above the knee on the outer quad.

That’s the humble massage stick in a nutshell!

Don’t forget to ask your clinician or the front of house team to try one when you’re next in the clinic!


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