The Ultimate List Of Rehab Experts That Fit Pro's Should Follow

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Have you ever been overwhelmed with not knowing what information to trust when it comes to Rehabilitation from Fitness and Health Professionals?

The Health and Fitness scene is full of Self Proclaimed Experts, Rehab Guru’s and Movement Whisperers. A lot of these have thankfully come and gone with the wind.

Over the past 7 years, I have been exposed to a variety of Industry Leaders that have shaped my journey to become a Physiotherapist with the rehab brain of a Corrective Exercise Specialist, combined with the technique skills of a Strength Coach.  

The list below is of the people and systems that have not only survived the test of time, but thrived in this egocentric industry.

To be honest, if the people in this list were not doing what they are doing, I would not be anywhere near where I am today. I may not have been a Physiotherapist.

I must thank Chris Edge, a Perth local Personal Trainer, he was the person that set me down this path by introducing me to a whole new world of exercise rehab and movement performance. For this I am grateful. 

Humbly, I have a lot to thank these people for and feel privileged to share them with you.

In no particular order, lets begin the Ultimate List….


Personal Trainer Functional Movement Perth

Functional Movement Systems must have been the biggest game changer to the way that I view movement and prescribe corrective exercises.

They utilize a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) through their Performance Model, Functional Movement Sceen, for PT's and Coaches and their Pain Assessment Model, Selective Functional Movement Assessment, for Physio's and Chiro's.

All too often we measure quantity, "degrees" of joint or muscle range rather than the quality of motion. FMS breaks down these barriers by standardizing what "normal" and "quality" movement should be.

Put simply... FMS and SFMA changed my approach completely, I no longer just treated pain, I fixed the problem. This is why they are the top of my list.

Click here to visit FMS here: 


Personal Trainer Rehabilitation Perth

Gray Cook in combination with some extremely talented Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths and Sports Physicians developed Functional Movement Systems. If you work with any humans who move, The Movement Book is a must have.

Link to The Movement Book here: 

Link to Gray Cook personal site here:


Perth Rehabilitation Personal Trainer

I first got introduced to Eric Cressey the same time as Gray Cook, I found Cressey's no *BS approach systematic, thorough and applicable when it came to assessment, correctives and strength and conditioning technique.

Cressey is a prolific writer and has a huge blog library covering all topics from technique to training programs to stuff you should read.

His online products and courses are also brilliant, he teams up with Physical Therapist, Mike Reinold, quite frequently too.

Eric's website is here:

Eric's Business Website "Cressey Performance" here:


Charlie Weingroff.jpeg

Charlie Weingroff is a Physical Therapist Genius that blends the best of Physical Therapy, Corrective exercises and Strength and Conditioning.

He is opinionated, blunt and clearly draws a line between what is each professions part when it comes to rehab... Don't let this deter you though, this is why I really like his approach.

Authenticity is a thing that cant be bought, Charlie really drives home a message that there is always a better way to get fantastic client results.

His DVD seminars "Rehab = Training, Training = Rehab" and "Lateralizations and Regressions" are brilliant for anyone interested in thinking outside the square when it comes to rehab and performance. Just be sure to bring a brand new note pad, a ton of caffeine and a bucket of naughty popcorn as you will deep dive into his approach.

Charlie's Website can be found here:


Dean Somerset 1340x631 60%.jpeg

Dean Somerset is an Exercise Physiologist and Strength and Conditioning Specialist (not to mention his other qualifications) that has a great approach of  a ton of writing for,, The Personal Trainer Development Centre to name a few. Click on the previous links for Dean's articles for each site.

Check out Dean here:


Bret Contreras 1361x633 60%.jpeg

Bret "The Glute Guy" Contreras is as his nickname suggests, is the authority on everything glutes. Don't be fooled by thinking Bret is only about the glutes though, he holds a PhD in Sports Science, but unlike many people with a PhD, Bret still lifts some seriously heavy iron.

Writing for Mens Health, SHAPE,, FLEX, T NATION and many more, Brets own website is full of articles, hints and tips about everything from Hypertrophy Training to Coaching.

He has event developed his own strength equipment "The Hip Thruster".

Check Bret out here:


Mike Robertson.jpeg

Mike Robertson is a Strength Coach I have followed for a while, I have even purchased his Physical Prep 101 course which I found to be excellent.

Mike is a highly sought-after coach, consultant, speaker and writer that shares a lot of valuable information through his website.

His Gym IFAST has been named one of the top 10 gyms in America 3 times in the last 6 years, what an achievement!

For more info about Mike Robertson head over here:


Kevin Carr.jpeg

I was introduced to Kevin Carr through Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning (MBSC) and was lucky enough to attended one of his workshops right here in Perth a few years ago. I was thoroughly impressed not only with his approach to training, openness, but also his taste in beers.

Kevin Carr speaks and presents all around the globe and is one of the lead presenters for Certified Functional Strength Coach. 

If you are a massage therapist that also likes to use movement training as a way to help clients, then definitely check out Kevin.

He also has heaps of info on his instagram account here:

Keven's website can be found here:


OTP 1920 x 1080 60% .jpeg

If you want to take your learning and skills to another level, you must check out OTP Publications.

"we specialize in strength and corrective exercise publishing"

They have EVERYTHING you could imagine. Books, videos, lectures, articles, bundles and also FREEBIES (click here for FREEBIES).

They seriously have some of the best resources in the world.

Ready to get your nerd on? Head over to OTP Publications here:


Tony Gentlicore.jpeg

With an opening statement like "Because Heavy Things Won't Lift Themselves", how could you not follow Tony. Tony has a great sense of humour that translates into his approach. But don't let that fool you, Tony is a big hitter when it comes to rehab and strength training. 

Tony was the co-Founder of Cressey Performance mentioned earlier, Tony has great content to follow, learn and apply through his website, instagram and facebook page. Not to mention his many articles written for the biggest fitness websites on the globe.

Check Tony out here:


Steve Maxwell 1342x623 60%.jpeg

Steve Maxwell is a strength coach with a strong foundation in Kettlebells and Brazilian Jiu Jutsu, he trained with the likes of the Gracie family... you know, nothing serious.

Steve's approach is all about minimalism, the power of breathing and chasing movement training as a lifetime endeavor.

He travels and runs workshops all over the globe with nothing but a small suitcase, he can train anywhere anytime. From the great man himself "There's nothing new under the sun, it's how you put it together," - Steve Maxwell.

If you are after some more from Steve head over here:


SFG Kettlebell.jpeg

There are a few kettlebell systems and styles out there in the world today, thankfully they all have their place depending on whether you are competing in kettlebell Sports or just using kettlebells as a versatile strength and conditioning tool.

I have found SFG's approach to kettlebell training and corrective exercise implementation to be extremely thorough and inline with FMS systems, they have a plethora of articles on their site but also  run courses and certification programs in Perth.

SFG's Certification Program is not for the faint of heart, you need to train a good 4-6 months before the certification just to be able to show you are competent.

Check out SFG's website here:


SCP 1344x632 60%.jpeg

Perry is a Chiropractor that started a movement.... literally MOVEMENT. His Stop Chasing Pain website changed the way a lot of people including health professionals approach pain. By chasing the source of the pain, not just the addressing the site of the symptoms.

Who would have thought that this makes sense.

Perry is also runs courses on Primal Movement around the globe.

Check Perry out here:


Sports Rehab Expert.jpeg

Sports Rehab Expert is a conglomeration of the best in the business. With it's extensive list of online courses, articles and webinars its is definitely a website for your to bookmark.

Check out Sports Rehab Expert here:


Kelly Starett 1344x634 60%.jpeg

Kelly Starett pretty much started the youtube corrective mobility movement and made self treatment widely available t anyone across the globe.

Kelly is an Australian Physiotherapist and Crossfit Coach based in San Francisco who made a big splash with his book Supple Leopard, a self mobility book to clean up lifting technique. With his unique approach to language such as, "Super Friend Calf Smash", Kelly's content can be aggressive (which i like), however start easy on his techniques you might get the same result with less pain.

Check Mobility WOD out here


Breaking Muscle 1340x630 60%.jpeg

Breaking Muscle is another conglomeration / hub website from the best in the business, they cover concepts and ideas that range from BJJ, the older athlete, performance coaching, techinque, running and even mobility drills.

They also have a second website specifically for Coaches and Trainers that gets is more focused on topics such as Coaching, Business and Athletics

Breaking Muscle website here:

Breaking Muscle for Coaches and Trainers here:


Dr John Rusin 1341x628 60%.jpeg

Dr John Rusin is a Physical Therapist (American Physio) who is also a strength coach who develops a ton of content for T Nation, and STACK magazine to name a few.

His approach is that of a Hybrid Physical Therapist were he combines the best of Physical Therapy and Strength and Conditioning into a unique approach.

He has generated 1 million views for T nation alone with his Hybrid Physical Therapy articles alone. Well worth some of your time.

Check out Dr John Rusin's website here:


Original Strength 1347x633 60%.jpeg

Original Strength is a great resource for anyone looking to add in quick RESET's into people's program. They also run their "Pressing RESET" workshops in Perth too. 

Keep these guys on your radar for upcoming workshops, it is well worth it.

Check out OS here:


Anatomy Trains.jpeg

Anatomy Trains was developed by the legendary Thomas Myers who had a feeling that the bodies mechanical system was comprised of more than just muscle, tendons, nerves and joints. 

The wonderful structure he has extensively researched is fascia, if you haven't heard of it then I highly highly suggest you head over to their website to learn more about it. 

Anatomy Trains runs courses over Australia too so get involved.

Head over to their website here: 

The Movement Maestro

Movement Maestro 1344x610 60%.jpeg


The Movement Maestro is someone that I was introduced to by a Physio of ours. Shante Cofield is the Movement Maestro, she holds a Doctorate in Physical Therapy, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), SFMA, FMS, Rock Tape instructor and many more things.

She has one hell of an extremely informative Instagram channel with nearly 30k followers!

If you like little daily nuggets of hints, tips and hacks then follow her on Instagram.

Movement Maestro Instagram here:

Movement Maestro website here:


Barbell Rehab 1343x633 60%.jpeg

Barbell Rehab is another Instagram favourite of mine, Dr Michael Mash, combines Physical therapy and Barbells… maybe that’s why I like the guy.

He has a sound approach and is always sharing great insights into rehab, technique and performance. His downloadable squat eBook is also fantastic.

Check our Barbell Rehab’s Instagram here:

Check our Barbell Rehab website here:

Well... that's The Ultimate List for Perth Personal Trainers and Coaches Interested in Rehabilitation done!

I would love to hear in the comments below who you have been influenced by or have followed over the years that you have learnt from.
As always, keep moving.


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