What is Exercise Physiology?

Inglewood Exercise Physiology

One of our most frequently asked questions here at Fieldwork is:

What is Exercise Physiology?

Well, here’s your answer! Exercise Physiology or an Exercise Physiologist (EP) uses exercise and movement to treat pain, chronic disease management, acute injury rehabilitation or disease and to prevent injury. An exercise physiologist understands the different movement needs of individuals and their chronic disease or injury state, which enables them to provide a program that will best assist you towards your goals.

We’ve grouped specific EP services into 4 categories:

  • Injury Rehab

  • Return to Work Program (Workers Compensation)

  • Technique

  • Strength & Conditioning

Ready to get into the details of it all and find out what EP service is best for you?

Read on!

Injury Rehab

After an initial Physio treatment where do you go? Straight back to training? Gosh no!

Physio consultation

The role of our EP Andrew is to bridge the gap between Physio treatment and fully returning to sport, whether that be social, amateur or higher level, running, walking, dancing- whatever you enjoyed doing before you were injured!

Far too many people go in circles of repeating the same injury, seeing their Physio, relieving pain and then returning straight into hardcore training and exercise! A big no no!

Our EP will consolidate the initial foundations laid by your Physio to build strength, and reinforce the muscles. This may be done through improving technique or activating muscles that may not be doing their job properly.

In other words, build on what your Physio has started with you and progress you all the way back to your chosen activity!

Depending on the intensity of the activity you’re returning to and the coaching staff you have available to you, Andrew may also be able to monitor your training loads to allow your body time to rebuild to avoid re-injury or the possibility of a new injury!

Return to Work Program

Nasty fall at work? We got you covered. We want you back at work as soon as possible so let’s get you in the Fieldwork Gym with Andrew!

Return to work injury

A Return to Work Program will generally have a list of work-related strength, mobility and function tasks that you must be able to complete in order to get back into your job. Andrew will assist you with achieving these specific tasks whilst also improving your general function for everyday life.

We keep your progress confidential and are focused on getting you back to work. Our Front of House team are happy to help communicate with your claims manager if required. For more information on workers compensation claims, click here.

Note: Motor Vehicle Compensation! Will be slightly different with the focus of your rehab being returning you to your pre-accident function and activity levels. For more information on motor vehicle accident claims, click here.


Do you go to the gym or classes but aren’t sure if you’re doing everything right?

It can be overwhelming sometimes trying to figure out the best workouts for your body and if you’re doing them right! There is a lot of free information out there on the TV, internet and in magazines, but how do you know that these general principles are applicable to you? Well…you don’t! And you should only be doing exercises that are appropriate to your skill level and exercising proper techniques to prevent injury and obtain results.

Our EP Andrew can teach you the correct techniques and muscle firing patterns to set you up to get the most out of your training and remain injury free.

Inglewood Exercise Class.jpg

Strength & Conditioning

Want to lift heavier? Move better? Move faster? Our EP Andrew can develop a structured personalised program for you to either train with Andrew at our Fieldwork Gym or externally on your own… because hey, who doesn’t love backyard workouts!? Andrew will make sure your program follows a structured progression so you can reach your goals and not just make you feel tired or “worn out”.

Inglewood Gym Classes.jpg

You ready?

Figured out which of the 4 options is best for you?! Book your initial consultation with Andrew. The first step is always the hardest, but let’s pull the band-aid off and get moving!

All these options above start by sitting down for an in-depth consultation to understand your goals and reasons behind what you want to achieve. A physical assessment will be completed by Andrew to see how you move, and identify your strengths, weaknesses or imbalances. We then lay out the blueprint of a plan that will suit you, your lifestyle and your goals.

One last thing…

We also run weekly exercise classes in our gym!

These classes are ideal for clients who have already had their one-on-one session with Andrew, set goals and have a program to follow! It’s their time to work on the program in the gym with other Fieldwork clients, under the supervision of Andrew. This way, if he notices you slipping, or perhaps your technique is lacking, or maybe you’re just distracted, Andrew is right there to get you back on track! For more information on our Exercise Physiology classes, click here.

See you in the Gym soon….bring a water bottle!


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