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Gym Classes are back!!

Fieldwork Gym classes are not your ordinary gym class. Using our clinical knowledge and experience, as well as assessment tools such as FMS and SFMA screening, we can optimise exercise selection to address your biggest limiters in key gym movements/lifts. Our well-equipped gym allows us to incorporate a huge number of different exercise options to cater for any client, no matter what level of fitness or ability.

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We focus on the basic movements you use in everyday life –

Squatting, Lifting, Pushing, Pulling

Our method works using the 3 R’s:

-          Reset

-          Reinforce

-          Reload

These classes are fully supervised by our physios, who also have an extensive background in strength and conditioning.

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Classes are perfect for you if you are:

-          New to the gym and want to PREVENT problems rather than deal with them later

-          Have previous or chronic injuries/pain

-          Starting from a low level of fitness/ability

-          Plateaued in training but not sure how to move forward

-          From other sports who want to learn to train in the gym safely and effectively

-          You just want to learn to move better!



These classes are not run for “fitness”, “strength” or “performance”. They are the perfect springboard to allow you to progress safely and effectively into personal training sessions, gym classes or unsupervised weight training. We have a close relationship with local fitness professionals and centres, and can help match you to the right environment when you are ready to “graduate”.


4 weeks term $79 or new clients to Fieldwork $129 inc 30min 1:1 assessment

6:15 warmup, 630pm start Wednesdays

Call 6468 6825 to book your spot!  Or fill in the form below and we'll get back to you.  Hurry there are limited spots available for this offer.

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