Hi I'm Sam,

I am a strength and movement coach. I have grown up with a passion for health and fitness having been involved in all things sport since an early age. This developed a growing hunger and thirst for knowledge in all things mobility, strength and performance. I completed 4 years of university studies in Exercise Rehabilitation and have pursued various internships and courses from around Australia including with the West Coast Eagles, Functional Movement Systems and Strongfirst school of strength.

My passion is for helping people move better, become stronger and achieve the body they desire through movement training! I love teaching fundamentals to beginners at the start of their journey or working with high level performers to find that missing link in there training. Along with the team at Fieldwork my goal is simple to help you get out of pain and back to training.

I look forward to seeing you in the Gym!


Sam Cassells Ex Phys Kettlebell
Sam Cassells Ex Phys class
Sam Cassells Ex Phys FMS