Not getting the results you strive for? Then 1 on 1 training is for you.

Recovering from injury and need a managed program to return to fitness?

1 on 1 training has still proven to be the fastest and safest way to learn new movement patterns and to produce best results with reducing body fat, increasing muscle mass, rapidly improving technique and moving pain free. 

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At Fieldwork we will not only show you what to do in the gym but also teach you how and why.

All one on one personal training receives group training access free of charge.

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1:1 Training is perfect for you if you are:

-          Returning from Injury or Surgery and want to get back into moving

-          Have previous or chronic injuries/pain

-          Starting from a low level of fitness/ability

-          Plateaued in training but not sure how to move forward

-          From other sports who want to learn to train in the gym safely and effectively

-          Need a tailored plan to help you reach your goals


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1 on 1 coaching is not a long term solution to health and fitness.

It is a stepping stone to get you to the point in time where you have the knowledge, motivation and accountability to carry on with a sustainable long-term plan!

Available by appointment. Just call our team on 6468 6825 and we can help you find the best fit for your time or book online by clicking on  the button below.