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What is Functional Movement Screening? (FMS)

The Functional Movement Screen is a system used to screen movement patterns and quality in clients and athletes that could potentially cause injury. It is not a system designed to diagnose or treat injury, but rather highlight limitations and asymmetries through basic movement patterns.

How does FMS work?

The FMS tests seven different movement patterns and scores them from 0 - 3.

0 - there is pain during any movment.
1 - the individual cannot perform the movement patterns, even with compensations.
2 - the individual can perform the movement patterns, but must use poor mechanics and compensatory patterns.
3 - the individual can complete movement patterns without compensation, according to criteria.

The Deep Squat, Hurdle Step, In-Line Lunge, Active Straight Leg Raise, Trunk Stability Push Up and Shoulder Mobility are the 7 movements tested in a Functional Movement Screen.

Why use FMS?

Functional Movement Screens will identify any problems you have with the above movements, and with corrective exercises applied, over time benefits include:

  • Injury Prevention

  • Strength and Conditioning

  • Movement Pattern Restoration

  • Improved Performance


Fieldwork Health FMS Services:

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1:1 Movement Screen

Functional Movement Assessment
Technique Improvement
Gym Technique
Mobility Improvement

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Group FMS

Sports Clubs
Small Groups


Who can do your FMS at Fieldwork?


Brett McGhie - Physio

Ross Field - Physio

Andrew Bailey - Ex Phys


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