Hi I'm Brett,

I have been a Physiotherapist since 2010.  

I am a die hard Eagles supporter and avid coffee drinker.  I have also played Waterpolo at a national and international level as well as being a competitive swimmer and life saver.

I discovered Physiotherapy through the usual ways of getting injured at sport (AFL, waterpolo, swimming, surf life saving - you name it!) the occupation just spoke to me!

I have been around sports people, coaches and professional medical staff for years and have a personal understanding of the trials of competing at your chosen sport.

My approach:

1. Comprehensive Assessment
Lets find out WHY you have you pain and then lets work together to put a pain relief solution in place that is tailored for you.

2. Hand On Treatment
This is still one of the fastest ways to change pain and also to improve your movement. This includes Dry Needling, Soft Tissue Releases, Trigger Point Therapy, Neural Mobility, Joint Mobilisation and Manipulation.

3. Specific Strength Training
I will structure a program you can do at home on in your gym that will improve the way you move, get you stronger and give you longer lasting pain relief.

I get great results with:

- Sporting Injuries - Accidents or Injuries, Sprains or Tears and return to sport programs
- Shoulder Injuries
- Especially Weight Lifters, Throwers and swimmers.
- Neck Pain and Headaches - Wry Neck, Whiplash and Nerve Pain.
- Back Pain - Acute or Chronic pain.
- Elbow Problems - From trauma or overuse (golfers and tennis elbow)
- Weight Lifters, Crossfitters and Powerlifters - Injury Management, Treatment and Technique Assessment
- Chronic Pain - Pain management, Exercise rehabilitation
- Vestibular (dizzy)
- Diagnosis, Treatments and Home Management  

I know exactly what I get great results with and have extensive network of other Health Professionals available if you need more specialised care for your specific problem.

I look forward to working with you in the clinic.


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