At Fieldwork we truly believe that "Knowledge Is Power"

We provide Workshops for the Community and for Fitness Professionals covering everything from how to Manage Common Pain Problems to Mobility and Corrective Exercises.

Please click on the Workshops you have interest in for more details information.

Community Workshops

Fieldwork holds community workshops for:  

  • Low Back Pain and Sciatica

  • Neck Pain and Headaches

  • Knee and Hip Pain

  • Chronic Pain

  • Shoulder Injury and Pain

These events and are focused on what our clients and community needs.  They are for you if you suffer from or know someone who can benefit from advice and education.

Fit-Pro Workshops

Our Fit-Pro Workshops are for PT's, EP's or Coaches who want:

  • A deeper understanding of functional anatomy

  • More ways to improve clients lifting technique

  • To reduce the risk of clients becoming injured

  • To increase knowledge on how to assess technique and program corrective exercises

These are held at Fieldwork or within your Gym. They are designed to improve your applicable knowledge to immediately become better at Training and Coaching humans.