Knee pain and degeneration occurs frequently.  Did you know your knees act as shock absorbers for your body weight?  Do you know your ankle and hip movement and strength can greatly impact upon your knee and knee pain?  Only by looking at the whole picture can we get to the bottom of your knee issues and return to an active pain-free lifestyle.

Knee Pain Perth

Do fieldwork treat knee pain?

Yes we do!  Knee problems are very common to happen both in youth and as you get older.  Stiff and sore after exercising? You might want to get your knee's, hip's and ankles checked out to make sure you are performing at your optimum level.

Common complaints we see are:

  • pain

  • clicking

  • locking

  • swelling

  • reduced movement

I have just had knee surgery... can you help?

Of course we can! Knee surgeries can vary.  It all depends on what the surgery was for, a "clean up", TTT, ligament repair or joint replacement to name a few.  Some will have specific post surgical orders to follow, but the best way to getting back on your feet sooner and doing the things you love is have an assessment with an experienced Physiotherapist who will be able to guide you the best way forward.

Common knee conditions:

  • patello-femoral syndrome (PFS)

  • meniscus tear

  • ligament strain / tear

  • post surgical

  • tendinopathy

knee pain treatment fieldwork inglewood physiotherapy

knee pain physiotherapy inglewood physio CBD

What can fieldwork do for me?

Most importantly we listen to your issue, find out what the problem is, make a plan, then treat the cause of your issue.

We also make sure this never happens again by giving you the tools to help create a long term solution to this issue.


What can i do now?

Make an appointment with our Experienced Physiotherapists to

create a plan of action and get you some relief.

If you are still unsure

We can help, enquire about the service and

our Patient Advocate will be in touch soon