Physio in Inglewood for active people.

We help people in the Inglewood area remove their pain fast, to move and feel better, for longer.

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Inglewood Physio

We’re here
to help

We know the frustration that pain can give, our experienced Physio team is here to help provide you with long term pain relief.

Physio Inglewood

We speak
your language

Medical jargon can be confusing! We explain what is happening + how to help you move better for longer.

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Get back
on track

Our Physio, Massage and Rehab team will guide you every step of the way to help remove your pain, and get you back to doing what you love.


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Shouldn’t you be allowed to move pain free?

Have you ever worried about your pain getting worse? Have you tried Physio before with no relief? Have you been to a Physio and not been listened to? Have you been told to stop training? Most people in pain struggle with these questionsbut the right physio treatment can help provide long term pain relief.

— You’re not alone and we’re here to help.


Helping you remove pain FASTER and for LONGER…

Don’t put your treatment off any longer. Our experienced and caring team will help remove your pain & get you back doing what you love.

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Getting started is simple…

Experienced Inglewood Physio team ready to help you remove your pain.

1. Schedule your consult

Don’t put it off any longer. Call or book in your Physio, Massage or Rehab appointment today.

Our inglewood physio team specialise in giving second opinions on your pain or problem.

2. Assess and create your plan

We deep dive into your situation to find the source of your problem. Then we create a plan with you on how to remove it for good.

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3. Put the plan to work

Time to get back the life you are longing for. Less frustration and pain, more movement and freedom restored.

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