We are a team of Physio’s, Remedial Massage Therapist’s and Exercise Physiologists that love remove your pain and guide you back to being active.

Check out our team profiles below.




Brett Mcghie


SFMA certified (level 2)

Functional Movement Screen Certified (FMS 2)

Dry Needling (AAPE)

Interests: Crossfit Athletes, Gym Enthusiasts, chronic pain management, neural pain, swimmers, waterpolo players, vestibular treatment

Lauren Schoonens



Pilates Instructor

Dry Needling (AAPE)

Interests: Sport injuries, back and joint pain, neck pain and headaches, neural sensitivites, nerve pain, vestibular treatment, post surgical rehabilitation


Adam Yeates


Exercise Physiologist

Interests: Performance Athletes, Gym Enthusiasts, Powerlifters, Neck and Shoulder Pain, Low Back Pain

Ross Field


Physiotherapist / Movement Coach

Functional Movement Systems Certified (FMS 2 SFMA 2) 

Dry Needling (AAPE)

Interests: Performance athletes, Movement re-training, Return to sport rehab, Functional Movement Screen



Remedial Massage


Morgan Crowley

Remedial Massage Therapist

Dry Needling

Interests: Dancers, athletic performance, hyper-mobility, building strength, injury rehabilitation 



Exercise Physiology


Andrew Bailey

Exercise Physiologist

Level 2 Crossfit Coach

Club Weightlifting / Sport Power Coach 1

Interests: Crossfit athletes, footballers, cricketers, basketballers, endurance athletes, weekend warriors, return to sport rehab, Post Operative Rehab