Do you experience back pain with…

Sitting or standing for too long
Getting off a chair or the toilet
Sneezing and coughing
Putting on socks or underwear
Twisting, lifting, walking too far?

You are not alone!

“Over 80% of people
experience lower back
pain in their lifetime.”

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How we can help you with your Lower back pain…

Best Back Pain Physio Perth

Find the Cause.

We explore and locate the cause of the pain. Finding the root of the problem allows for long-term benefits.

Back Pain Relief near Perth CBD

Targeted Relief.

Low back pain and sciatica is treated with a range of specialist techniques to relieve your pain.

Physio Treatment for back Pain

Plan of Attack.

We provide you with all the resources and guidance you need to get your confidence back and to get you moving pain free.

Back Pain Relief Sports Physio Inglewood

Get Strong!

We will help you develop a strength training program to move more and get strong- pain free!

Back Pain Physio Inglewood

Be Comfortable.

Our private treatment rooms allow you to relax and feel at home whilst being treated.
Enjoy a complimentary coffee or tea at Inglewood clinic too!

Sciatica Treatment Inglewood

Onsite Rehab Gyms.

Our Inglewood clinic has an onsite rehab gym.

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Common Questions…

Do you treat Low Back Pain?

Yes we do! At both our Inglewood and Perth CBD Clinic we have an experienced Physio team that can help you remove your back pain or sciatica.

How is Sciatica Different from Lower Back Pain?

Sciatica is irritation of the sciatic nerve. The nerve travels out of your lower back, into your glutes, down the back of your leg and calf and into your foot.
Sciatic pain can be felt in different locations of the back, leg or foot.
It depends on which part of the sciatic nerve that is irritated.
With Lower back pain, it is only experienced at the lower back, you typically do not get referred pain down the leg.

Common things we treat:

  • Slipped (herniated) discs

  • Disc Degeneration

  • Facet Joints Degeneration

  • Arthritis

  • Sciatica

  • Poor Posture



I have been told I have a "slipped disc/bulging disc/my back is out" can you help?

Yes we can!  Disc herniation's or "slipped disc" is a very common injury to the lower back.  In fact, if you scan 100 people’s lower back, 80 of them will have some sort of degenation of their spine.

However, this does not mean they are in pain!

Other complaints we see:

  • Pain with sitting

  • Pain with standing

  • Lower back injuries

  • Poor loading and movement patterns

  • Return to work and exercise



What can Fieldwork do for me?

Most importantly we listen to your issue, find out what the problem is, make a plan, then treat the cause of your issue.

We also make sure this never happens again by giving you the knowledge and power to get you long term pain relief.


What should I do now?

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Don’t you deserve to move without pain too?


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