Do you know the 25% of all people presenting to the doctor have dizzyness?  25% of these people have vertigo? So that is 1 in every 8 people who go to the doctor have vertigo. Specifically Trained and Experienced Physiotherapists can treat peripheral vertigo successfully and get you back into life! No one wants to feel dizzy or nauseous for longer then they have to be 

Vertigo BPPV Treatment Perth Physiotherapy Inglewood

Do fieldwork treat vertigo?

Yes we do!  The most common form of vertigo is BPPV (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo).  This vertigo occurs in your inner ear and happens when the otochondria (crystals) dislodge and start moving when you are not.  It is commonly made worse by movements of your head and lasts for up to a minute.

Common vestibular conditions we see are:

  • BPPV

  • Menieres

  • Unilateral vestibular disorders

Do i need to get my gp to refer to to see you?

Not at all!  Your gp may be useful to determine if your vertigo is something else (blood pressure related etc), but you do not need a referral to see us straight away.

Your doctor might also prescribe some medication to relieve the nausea or dizzy symptoms which can be helpful.  If you have been prescribed any medications please let the team know ASAP as it can affect your treatment

What people often say when the have vertigo:

  • I get dizzy when i move my head / get in or out of bed / turn around

  • I get dizzy when i move my eyes

  • I feel like i am going to fall but i don't

  • I feel better when i am still

  • I just "woke up with it"

vertigo BPPV treatment fieldwork inglewood physiotherapy

vertigo BPPV treatment perth inglewood physio

What can i do now at home?

Brant Daroff exercises are often used to help treat BPPV in clients and to do at home. Small movements, often, are the best way forward.  If you keep moving you will get better faster.  Try moving your head up/down, left/right when lying down or rolling in bed

Then make an appointment asap with our experienced Physiotherapists, Brett or Lauren for your initial assessment and action plan to get your dizzyness fixed.

What can I do now?

make an appointment with our Experienced Physiotherapists to

create a plan of action and get you some relief.

If you are still unsure

we can help, enquire about the service and

our friendly team will be in touch soon