Sports massage is an effective form of massage therapy for active people to prevent injuries, recover faster, improve range of motion and perform at their best.

It can be used pre (before) or post (after) event, race or competition or even if you are upping your training load.

It is great for Crossfitters, AFL Players, Runners, Swimmers, Waterpolo Players, Body Builders and people that just love to be active.



How Sports Massage Can Benefit You…

Reduce muscle soreness

Reduce Muscle Soreness

Joint Mobility

Increase Joint Mobility

Muscle recovery

Improve Muscle Recovery

Increase circulation

Increase Circulation

Remove chronic muscle tension

Remove Chronic Muscle Tension

Sporting Team

Get You Game Ready!

Our Team…

Morgan Crowley - Remedial Massage

Morgan Crowley - Remedial Massage



Frequently Asked Questions…


Does a Sports Massage hurt?

Sports Massage is a soft tissue massage that is tailored to meet your needs.

It should not be painful, however the amount of “pressure” you will feel depends on whether the massage is pre or post your sports competition or event.

Different massage techniques can be used such as Trigger Point Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, or Myofascial Release Massage to name a few.

How do I know when to have a Sports Massage?

Before your event or competition (pre event)

You can have a Pre Event Sports Massage anywhere from 2 - 7 days before your event!

The aim of a pre event massage is to gently loosen, stimulate the nervous system and restore optimal muscle performance, without the post massage discomfort!

This is lighter in pressure, slightly faster and can typically be a full body sports massage which can take between 30 and 60 minutes - you choose!


After your competition / event

This can be done immediately after your competition or anywhere within 5-7 days of your event.

After your event the aim of the sports massage is to enhance recovery, restore muscle function, increase circulation and improve mobility.

It is a slower, deeper style of body work with more pressure that affects the deeper layers of muscle, tendons and fascia.

This stimulates the bodies natural healing so you can be back to your physical activity of choice faster.

We recommend a 60 minute post event massage to ensure you feel the full benefits of recovery and do not feel rushed.


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