how do i book an appointment?

either call 6468 6825, send us an email at or click on the Book button to use our online booking facility.

what appointment should i book?

if you are a new client to fieldwork health, you have a new issue or you haven't seen us in a while choose an "initial appointment".  this allows the clinician more time to go through your issues and formulate the plan to get you better faster!

if you are a return client, your clinician should have given you a plan for your appointment length required for your issue.  if you are unsure, give us a call and our friendly team will assist you to make sure you are getting what you need.

whom should i book with?

it is important you get the right person to treat your specific issue to get the best outcome and get you out of pain fast!  fieldwork has physiotherapists, chiropractors and remedial massage therapists to help you.

we will ask you a few questions to best direct you to the practitioner that suits your needs.  see our team and some of their interestes here.

how long are my appointments?

appointments at fieldwork health vary from 15 minute short consultations to longer 60 minute consults.

your initial appointment is generally longer, involving planning and goal setting, more detailed notes and assessment.

follow up appointments will vary with your presentation and severity.

generally if things are really painful the appointments will be shorter.  as a general rule it is better to have shorter but more frequent appointments so we are able to get the best results - fast, without aggravating your pain.

If you are more subacute/chronic in presentation (or less painful) we can generally dive deeper into the reason behind your issue.  these appointments will generally be longer, but spaced out more, allowing you to get treatment, assessment and corrective exercises to ensure the pain does not return. 

what are the cost of appointments?

our appointments change in cost with the length of appointment.  here is an easy table to show you the cost breakdowns, click on the service type for additional information.

what should i wear to my appointments?

wcomfortable clothes that you can move in.

the therapists will need to access your area of complaint, so feel free to bring or change into shorts / singlets.

if you are doing a gym session - wear appropriate gym clothing, shoes and bring a water bottle.

can i change or cancel my appointment?

at fieldwork we know life happens!  we try to book your appointments in advance so you are able to get times that suit your schedule.  

if you do need to change your appointment just give the clinic a call on 6468 6825 or email and our team will be able to help you out.

we hate charging late fees, but we do have a 24 hour cancellation policy, so the sooner you can let us know the better!  our phone has voicemail, so call or email at any time and we can try to find a solution.

when are you open?

we are open from:


8am - 7pm monday - thursday

8am - 6pm friday

8am - 2pm saturday


8am - 6pm monday - friday

how long before my appointment should i get there?

if you are a new client, please give yourself time to find the building, park and get into the clinic.  if you have filled out your forms online please arrive 10 minutes early to your appointment.

if you have not had time to fill in the forms please allow 15 minutes prior to your appointment start time to ensure all documentation is filled out prior to your appointment time so you can make the most of your session with the clinicians.

if you are a return client, please arrive 5 minutes before your treatment time to ensure you are relaxed and ready for your appointment.  We have water and a toilet at the clinic for your use if you need anything.

what forms will i need to fill out?

to save you time, we send you an email with our online new patient form for you to fill out prior to your appointment.  it sends through your information automatically so no need to email us back.

we also have the form on our clinic ipad if you do not get a chance to fill it out prior to your appointment.

do i need a doctors referral?

no you don't!  you will still be fully rebatable with your health fund without a doctors referral

do you have hicaps/health insurance onsite?

yes we do! you are able to claim your health insurance component of your appointment cost electronically in clinic.  just bring your health insurance card and we can process that for you.

if you forget your card dont worry.  we will send you an electronic copy of the invoice that you can claim with your insurance company at any time.

Any other questions please call us at at clinic on  6468 6825 or email at and our team will answer asap!  

We look forward to seeing you soon.  

Regards, Fieldwork Team