Shoulder pain and injuries happen frequently.  Do you know, your shoulder is one of the most mobile joints of your body?  Look at how much it can move!  It has a group a muscles called the rotator cuff to keep it in place.  As with anything highly mobile there is more chance for "wear and tear" for the joint and surrounding soft tissues.

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Do fieldwork treat shoulder injuries and pain?

Yes we do!  Shoulder injuries happen on the sporting field as well as being posture and positional related.  It is always a good idea to get your neck and chest movement looked at to make sure there is nothing contributing to your shoulder discomfort as well any neural sensitivity that may be present. 

Common conditions we treat are:

  • Rotator cuff injuries

  • Tendinopathy

  • AC joint injuries

  • Discolcations

  • Post Surgical Repairs

I have just had a shoulder injury at the comp.  it "popped out."  What should i do?

If a joint "popped out" or dislocated then "popped back in", this is called a subluxation.  As there was no external force required to pop the shoulder back into place.  The most important things to do next is assess the damage.  Does it feel ok? Can you move it?  Is there blood flow to your hand?

If this all checks out then get an assessment with an experienced Physiotherapist as the likely chance is there is some soft tissue damage that needs help to repair and your shoulder needs some support.  So things like tape often help to take pressure off stressed muscles.  Your Physio will be able to guide you on an action plan to get you back into fitness and life again asap!


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What can fieldwork do for me?

Most importantly we listen to your issue, find out what the problem is, make a plan, then treat the cause of your issue.

We also make sure this never happens again by giving you the tools to help create a long term solution to this issue.


What can i do now?

make an appointment with our Experienced Physiotherapists to

create a plan of action and get you some relief.

If you are still unsure

we can help, enquire about the service and

our Patient Advocate will be in touch soon