Fieldguide: Foam Rollers For Beginners

The cat’s out of the bag, but if you don’t know what that big blue cylinder is that people are lying on in the gym or how on earth to use it then this is the guide for you! Foam rollers come in many different sizes, colours, and textures and in this blog we’re going to explore all things foam.

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Jordan KeightleyComment
Fieldguide: Trigger Balls For Beginners

So many people we come across in the clinic still do not know that they can treat their muscle aches, stiffness and trigger points by using a trigger ball. In this Fieldguide we uncover what a trigger ball is and how you can immediately use one to give the relief you are looking for...

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Ross FieldComment
9 Ways To Test If You Are Hypermobile

As an ex professional dancer I have always been flexible. Splits, leg kicks, backbends all came naturally to me. I wasn’t always the most flexible person in my classes but I knew my shoulders were “double jointed”, my knees bent backwards a little, and my fingers were very bendy.

That was my normal and never thought much of it. It wasn’t until the aches and injuries started rolling in that I started to realise that the way my body bends and moves isn’t entirely normal. Which is how I became to understand how hypermobility is a blessing and a curse.

This blog dives into what hypermobility is, how you can quickly test for it and what you can do to focus on staying strong and pain free.

Let’s get into it...

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