Neck pain and painful distracting headaches are becoming more and more common with increased sitting and screen times.  There are things we can do however, to help stop neck pain and resolve headaches so you can be focused and not miss out on work, sport, activities and holidays again! Fieldwork can help with chronic headaches and neck pain as well as injuries that happen overnight.

neck and headache treatment fieldwork inglewood cbd

Do fieldwork treat headaches and neck pain?

Yes we do!  Neck pain is common, contributed by increased sitting and screen times.  fieldwork looks not only at your neck, but also the things you do at home, work and life that can be exacerbating your neck issues.

Some things we encounter are:

  • Tight and weak muscles

  • Poor posture

  • Sticky facet joints

  • Disc degeneration

I woke up this morning and couldn't move my head! what can i do?

Don't panic! simple things like heat, pain killers or anti-inflammatories and laying down are often good start

Make an appointment with an experienced Physiotherapist ASAP so they can get it moving again for you.  the sooner you get it looked at the sooner you get it fixed

The things they can look for are:

  • Trigger points

  • Neural tension

  • Jaw clenching and movement

  • Neck and spine movement

  • Work and life habits and postures

neck pain and headache treatment fieldwork inglewood physiotherapy
fieldwork inglewood headaches neck pain physio CBD

What can fieldwork do for me?

Most importantly we listen to your issue, find out what the problem is, make a plan, then treat the cause of your issue.

We also make sure this never happens again by giving you the tools to help create a long term solution to this issue.

What can i do now?

Make an appointment with our experienced Physiotherapists to best create a plan of action for your issue!

If you are still unsure we can help, enquire about this service and our Patient Advocate will be in touch soon