5 Ways To Stay Active At Work In The CBD

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We know that work can get busy, and with tax time right around the corner, lots of businesses are about to go under the pump!

With the extra stress and pressures of a higher workload, moving around and staying active and mobile at work is tough.

You know how to read the signs - you get home feeling mentally drained, you’re fighting a dull headache right at the bottom of your skull, and instead of going for your usual after-work run, lying down on the couch for dinner wins out.

Even though the colder months are upon us and it’s harder to get out for those runs, your body still loves it when you move around and stay active.

“But work is way too busy, I can’t fit in a run before or after work with the long hours I’m doing!”

Well the good thing is, you don’t have to!


Here’s 5 ways to stay mobile and active at work in Perth’s very own CBD:


1. Walk to work (or part of the way there)

Image: https://www.pexels.com/photo/person-carrying-bag-walking-on-pedestrian-lane-842963/

Sure, this is still asking you to fit in some exercise before work, but chances are you’re already walking some distance on your way to work.

Whether that’s from the Bus port to your office, or up the steps from the corporate car park to get there. 

Trick number 1 is to increase those steps!

If you’re catching the bus, walk an extra stop in the morning!

On the train, or driving into work?

Treat yourself with a morning walk to one of Perth’s amazing cafes like Hopper on Shafto lane, or Toast Face Grillah tucked away behind Barrack St.

2. Try a mobile meeting

Mobile Meeting

Shake things up in your office, leave behind the distractions of the workplace, and get out into the sunshine for a mobile meeting.

Walking there should shake out any drowsiness you’ve been experiencing in the day, and being in the sun will boost your focus for the meeting! 

Once you’ve mastered these sit-down mobile meetings and realise how much more effective you can be, step up and help the planet by taking along a reusable cup and have part of your meeting while you’re walking!

Reusable cups from Frank Green also give you the ability to customise your cup to match your uniform!

3. Drink more water

Photo by  Domenico Loia  on  Unsplash

This one’s a bit of a common oversight for many, but a really easy way to get your steps up during the day!

Keeping a bottle or glass of water on your desk makes it easier to drink the water than if it wasn't there - obviously! And when that glass is empty, go and get more!

And you know what happens when you drink lots of water?

Well, you need to get up to do other things. And that equals more steps, which equals more blood flow, which equals more productivity, less stagnation, and less yawns from sitting in the same place for too long.

4. Use a sit-stand desk



Stand up desks are all the rage these days and it’s for very good reason!

We spend so much time in our day sitting - on the commute to work, when we get to work, sitting down to drink a coffee, on the commute home, sitting down to watch TV - but not that much time standing!

We were made to stand but have slowly trained ourselves to prefer sitting, so why not retrain your body to stand?

A lot of people will get a standing desk and start out by trying to stand for the whole day, get two days into it, and then decide it’s not for them because it’s too hard!

Avoid this mistake by easing your way into it.

Start out by standing for 5 minutes every hour of the day, working your way up in 5 minute increments each week or fortnight, until you’re sitting down for 5 minutes each hour as rest.

5. Schedule a small break to stretch, into your calendar

Photo by  rawpixel  on  Unsplash

No matter how often you choose, schedule a short break into your calendar so you can get up and get moving.

Don’t forget to turn on reminders so you won’t forget about it like your new year’s resolution.

Big companies like Chevron actually use software which renders their employee’s computers useless for a small amount of time at points during the day to promote this mentality.

Get some of your colleagues on board, stand up together, stretch, and use the time to chat about what’s going on at work for some extra team building time.

Once you’ve nailed the routine it will become second nature for someone to stand up and call for a stretch break, to fight off the temptation to sit and yawn.

Now you’ve got the top 5 tips for staying active

How about the rainy days?

Or if it’s a scorcher outside and the comfort of air-con is too much for you to leave your desk?


How about a few bonus tips?!

  • Carry an umbrella for your wet commutes! These blunt umbrellas feature smooth edges to keep the eyes of those walking near you safe - how neat is that!

  • Commute in trainers, leave your business shoes at work. It’s like the mullet of the business world. Business up top, party on your feet. And your feet will thank you for it later.

  • On those really hot days it can pay to leave your work pants at work and commute in shorts. No end of trip facilities? There’s always a bathroom stall to change in!

  • Boss giving you “the look” when you’re taking a stretch break? Invite them along! Or take 30 seconds to Google the benefits of stretching at work and send an article through telling them it will boost the company’s profits by increasing productivity.


With all these tools and tips ready to go, get out and conquer the city! 

If you haven’t had a chance to check out all the awesome cafes and eateries at Yagan Square, make it your place to be for your morning coffee walk.

Now’s the time to get moving Perth. Don’t get the sits, stay active at work!


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